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The representatives at Yijayanagara have reported that
since his accession to the throne of Karnataka, Krsnaraya has
been contemplating an attack upon the Mnhammadans. On
hcarinsr this, they (Nizam Sahu and Kutapana Malaka?)
became anxious, and addressed a letter to Yedula Sahu. having
r5'-ilved to abide by the conseqiiences. He also sent letters (to
all frontier stations ?) and stored up provisions in. and posted
o-arrisons to, all the frontier forts in "order to increase their
strength (for defence); he also took preliminary precautions
(fnT the protection of) the First Place (Capital*?;
When (the kings ox) Ahmadanagara and Golkonda received
letters informing them of all these arrangements, they also
posted garriuoas to forts and fortified places on the frontier.
Having resolved to march towards the frontier on obtaining
intelligence that the Karnatakas have moved with their armies
(towards the frontier) and are encamped in some place, they
sent 120 spies who are capable of assuming many guises and
conversing in several tongues to Vijayanagara in order to get
daily information (about the movements of the enemy).
Moreover, tliev summoned to their presence Brahman astro-
logers, fakirs proficient in scriptures, and augurs knowing past,
present and fntnres and commanded them to foretell who would
be victorious on the hattle-iield, in the event of Krgnaraya's
invasion of the Muhammadan territory. They said: " We find
that a king of divine origin is born in Karnata ; he will subdue
this kingdom as well as those of the Asvapati and the Grajapati
and set up piUnr? of victory ; on his way back to his country,
he will visit Kalyana Venkatesvara, the 108 holy Tirupatis,
72 shrines and 18 saktls. He will pay his respects to the God
Ramanatha at Setu, wash his sword at Dhanuskoti, and rule
without opposition as a paramount sovereign on the throne
of Karnataka for sixty-four years.* When the elders heard
this, they thought, " Perhaps it is so; the Mlecchas do not
*The original has * aravamtzlugtt', but surely it ought to be travainalugv.
Even then th,e length of Kj$n*iay*fs reign as given in the original i* only approx-
imately correct